Harry's story

Supports other people like him to cope

Harry* enjoyed supporting other people like him to cope.

I’m generally quite an optimistic person and don’t feel too sorry for myself, but sometimes I wish my life could be a bit easier. I have diabetes and kidney disease but sometimes it feels like I’ve got everything going including lots of aches and numbness, itchiness and feeling quite sick. I have a peritoneal dialysis every evening before bed and last year I was also diagnosed with glaucoma so my health is very poor and sometimes I wonder how I’m still here to tell the tale! 

I joined the six-week course and I went to the sessions with the group, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I found it really helpful meeting other people who have similar problems to me and I enjoyed being a part of a supportive group.  The coach facilitators were really excellent and the programme was instructive and straightforward. I also gained a great deal of pleasure from helping other people in the group start to deal with their problems. I think they started to feel better when they saw the state my health is in compared with theirs!

I’m so pleased that support like this is available to people like me. It’s a great idea and I’m motivated to start feeling better because I would really like to volunteer to be a part of the service. I’d even consider training to become a coach.

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*People have kindly agreed to share their stories but names (and other identifying details, where appropriate) have been changed for privacy purposes. Note to participants:  if you would like us to make an amendment to your story for privacy or accuracy purposes, please contact your coach via the relevant service. Photographs courtesy of John Birdsall Social Issues Picture Library.